Quality Time

“It’s not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts; it’s what you put into the practice.” – Eric Lindros

I have seen people lollygag through a three-hour session and barely break a sweat.  And I have seen people show up and start red-lining right out of the gate and thirty minutes later are a gross dripping sweat monster, totally spent.  Which is more efficient and effective?

Working a ten-hour day of dodging the boss, getting coffee, surfing the internet and making a few sales emails or calls is de rigeur for too many.  Versus the person that spends a morning hitting the phone hard, pushes and gets everything done then goes and spends time with their family.  Which employee is better for the company?

Too many kids “study” but have four screens going and are inattentive, squeezing fifteen minutes of real learning into a four-hour period with their avoidance behavior and distractions.  Versus the kid that listens to an audio of the lecture while on the treadmill then goes and writes the highpoints and does the practice questions and in a half the time gets three times the effect.

Instead of looking at how long it takes you to do something like a 1980’s era clockwatcher, look at how little time you can take to effectively complete the task so that you have quality work and quality free time, instead of intermingling the two and having neither fun nor impact.