Dichotomy of Love

“Sometimes I love you
Sometimes I hate you
But when I hate you its ‘cuz i love you”

Sometimes I’m Happy

By Vincent Youman and Irving Caesar

Jerry Lewis

If you are a parent you know that children are the most wonderful, maddening, cutest demons ever created.  You want to strangle them and hug them.  You want them to be just like you and then when they are you want to defenestrate them.  This is the dichotomy of parenthood.

You’ve gone through the same gamut of emotions with your significant other.  There have been times you have wanted to kill them because you are so frustrated with what they are doing, and other times when the exact same thing was endearing.  You hate them because you love them so much.

Every person that has built their own business has hated it and been ready to quit.  And they’ve also thought it’s the greatest thing in the world and can’t believe they get the right to do it.

Every athlete does it for love of the game, and at times has thought about quitting because it is so difficult and frustrating and painful.

Better to be intense than lukewarm, because passion is what makes us truly alive.