Fly True

“Straighten up and fly right.”

Straighten Up and Fly Right

By Nat King Cole and Irving Mills

We have all gotten a little off kilter, off course at some point during our lives.

We have all strayed from the path we knew to  be right.  Maybe a little detour, maybe a full-on abandonment of our journey.  It is part of being human.  The best stories and songs are of those who have corrected themselves and gotten back on track.

There is no story Americans love more than a redemption arc.  Whether it is Johnny Cash or Robert Downey Jr, we root for the person that has screwed it all up and then straightened out their life.  We are a country of second chances, and those who have been given the second chance and made good are the ones where our faith in humanity and hope are justified.

You know you are wobbly right now, not super stable and maybe unsure.  Straighten up.  Fly right.