That’s Life, MY Way

“I’ve been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn, and a king.” 

That’s Life by Dean Kay and Kelly Gordon

Frank Sinatra

I have been to the top of the mountain and the depths of Hell.  I have had nothing but my breath and brain, and had more love and lucre than a man has any right to have. 

We all started as naked, pitiful creatures.  We all end up in a grave.  It is what happens in the interim, the dash between the “Born” and “Died”, that is your story and legend.  Create an epic.

All of us have been controlled.  As children we follow the rules, are told what to do by parents and teachers and later on even bosses.  Almost all of us have been poor, whether it is while a student or maybe after while building a business or in an economic downturn.  Could be emotional poverty instead of financial  Surviving these downs makes us appreciate the ups more.

Pirates and poets are free but bound.  Free of the normal constraints of society in many ways but still bound by their art and heart, by the call of the sea that promises freedom and danger and opportunity and difficulty.    Chasing things that can never be held, writing the verses and living the adventures that others only dream of.  Be more pirate and poet, chase more tigers in red weather so that others will tell stories of your adventures, and the dash in your life can be more like a lightning bolt of excitement.

And in the end, will you be a pawn or king (queen)?  Will you be bound to little steps, or do you relentlessly reach the other side and accumulate power and potential and freedom?  Each of the moves is up to you.

A rich life is filled with experiences, with dichotomies and nuances.  To truly live, you need to experience it all.  That’s life.