The Candy Man Can!

“He mixes it with love, and makes the world taste good.”  The Candy Man

by  Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley

Sammy Davis Junior

Every adult dreams of winning the MegaMillions and having no financial constraints, of being able to go and do what only the elites could be it in a café in Monaco or a pool in Dubai or on a ranch outside Jackson Hole.  The dream of having it all.  Some people achieve a version of this not through pure luck but through their dreams and efforts.

As children we could do this.  We needed only a cardboard box, some friends, and our imagination and we could be on another world fighting aliens or a pirate ship or be tv stars.  We could build new realities and shift from being a princess to an Olympian to a mermaid in seconds, but also go deep and build an alternative reality with characters and narratives and build a whole other place for us to dwell, a better place than the one we were in.

Entrepreneurs keep doing this.

Artists of all forms keep doing this.

Taking tomorrow and dipping it in a dream.

The Candy Man is not some Deus ex Machina but you and your own will to make the world taste good.