Pull Yourself Up

“Love is the magician that pulls man out of his own hat.” – Ben Hecht

When you first start dating someone you generally are on your best behavior, because you don’t want to scare them away.  And they are doing the same, for the same reason.  They don’t want to show the weird quirks or the little bad habits that we discover later when we are already starting to become committed.  Some of these could be deal breakers while others are just annoying.

But if you truly do love them, you’ll assess yourself and change.  Not fundamental changes as to who you are, but you will look at the little negative things that you do and make a conscientious decision to start improving the little things.

Like maybe wearing something other than raggedy jeans when you go out in public.  Still jeans, but there are no holes or stains.

Like shaving over the weekend and doing your hair instead of just throwing on a ballcap.

Eating something other than Poptarts for breakfast.

Taking out the garbage before it stinks or overflows.

Applying for a better job, or applying yourself a little more at work.

Taking a few minutes to feel gratitude, or to help others.

The little changes to smooth out the rough edges or remove the annoyances.

Anyone can do the big things like buying flowers on Valentines Day or a romantic dinner.  It is the little things like picking up your mess that gets under their skin or spending five minutes a day on self improvement that compound into even greater demonstrations of your adoration. 

Pull your better self out of yourself.