Will Power

“Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character.”  Arnold Palmer

Until Tiger Woods came along, golfers were not considered to be athletes because a long walk interspersed with a swing of a club was not as physically demanding nor as impressive as hitting a 95 mile per hour fastball or running in the field or jumping on the court.  But as the Golden Bear showed us, the pressures of the greens are as great as the free throw line or other moments in sports.

The x factor to success in athletic endeavors at the highest level is not the strength of the sinews but of the synapses.  It is mental fortitude, the focus and will that separates champions in all arenas of life.  It is the capability to blot out the crowds and distractions, to narrow the vision to the critical elements and execute on the basics under any situations that determine who wins and who misses the cut.  This is true in all contests, be they Big Leagues or business.

Strengthen the mind, improve your character, and focus on the current swing.