Rich Diet

“Whether the rich eat carrots or candles is no concern to you.”  Mongolian saying

I don’t care if a rich guy builds a rocket.  They made their money and if they want to spend it on something like that and live out the dreams of every six-year-old boy, what I think about it is completely irrelevant.

What a celebrity gets caught doing with another consenting adult does not impact my life in any way, shape, or form.

A movie star does not influence my opinion about a beer, or tax policy, nor what I try to teach my kid, nor how I vote.

I DGAF about someone that sings or acts says or does if it does not directly impact me, my family, or my community.

The Dichotomy of Control of the Stoics states that there are things completely within our control (our emotions and our actions) that we should exert energy and effort on, and those we have zero control over (the sun rising, wars in foreign lands, whatever goes on in Hollywood or in the lives of the rich and famous) we should not waste a moment of our lives on.  Who cares if someone on tv is a vegan or is on a fad diet?  We should have much more important things to concern ourselves with.