Teach the Children Well

“Educate the children and it won’t be necessary to punish the men.”  Pythagoras

The newest salesperson will either adopt good habits or bad early, and then those mindsets and habits become their standards.  You have only a few weeks to give them the foundation for success or doom them to failure, in that first fortnight when they are still malleable.

A spoiled princess becomes an unreasonable adult.

A novice that is raised with tough standards will perform better because they know what excellence is and expect it from themselves.

Who we are is the output of compound interest over decades.  If you read every day from the time you are a child, you will probably have a good to great vocabulary and a facility with words and ideas.  If you desire knowledge and consistently pursue it over time you will have expertise and even wisdom, which generally produces vision and discipline in service to that ideal you have formulated.  You will resist hedonism because you do know better. 

If you learn a good ethical code early, have it reinforced throughout your adolescence and early adulthood, you will generally be respectable member of society instead of a criminal and outcast.

Investing money and time to guide the youth pays dividends for decades.