Endless Mountains

“Beyond the mountains, more mountains.” – Haitian proverb

“Once I get through this project, life will be easier.”  Yeah, right.  Maybe for a few minutes or milliseconds before the next thing plops on your desk.

Those who have a growth mindset or love what they are working on know that the next thing is right around the corner. 

Sure the school year ends and you have a little respite to recharge your batteries, but the next semester is not that far off.

Oh, you finished that term paper?  Here is your assignments for the other class waiting to be completed.

You just did laundry?  Bwahahaha, the teenager needs their uniform cleaned for tomorrow or the baby poops all over everything.

Ran that 5km?  Look, there is another in two weeks!

“I’m hungry!  What’s for dinner?!”

It never gets easier, you just get better and get through the roughest patches without giving up.  You rise to the challenge of today and sometimes even look forward to the next one.

Mountain after mountain in the endless up and down range called life.