Pause, Then Move On

“I take all day to climb mountains and then spend about 10 minutes at the top admiring the view.” – Sebastian Thrun

David Goggins went through THREE Navy SEAL Hell Weeks for the fleeting feeling of walking across stage in his dress whites.

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan both partied the night of winning the NBA Championship, and then were in the gym in the morning preparing for the next one.

I sent my book off to the editor one day and reveled in the euphoria for the afternoon.  The next morning, I opened up a Word document and started on the next book.

Celebrate and appreciate the moment, the ecstasy of victory.  Bathe in the glory of your accomplishment for a moment.  You earned it!

But learn from the climb and commit to the next mountain immediately while the memory of the win is in you, because every peak is followed by a valley and rescaling the heights is even harder than the first journey up, and the moment of pure Heaven of the attainment of the goal needs to sustain you through all of the ups and downs on the way to the next glorious view from the top.