Laugh and Live

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.”  -Mickey Mouse

I remember my great aunts cracking jokes and telling stories and laughing like teenagers in their late 90’s.

The sight and sound of a baby laughing in pure joy before they can even rollover is timeless and eternally heartwarming.

I’ve seen people in their 80’s and 8 interacting, building Legos and drawing and playing make believe.  Young at heart staying that way because they           life and those they are playing with.

I dreamt of being a pirate as a kid and I dream even more of becoming a pirate now at however years old I am.

They say age is but a number, and not just because of plastic surgery but our ability to stay physically strong and supple and mentally growing even many decades on, driven by attitude and actions that are reflective of the youth we were. 

Stay young by playing and thinking like a kid and you will never be as old as you are.