Love Work

“Work is love made visible.” Kahlil Gibran

My friends in financial services say that “life insurance is a love letter, written with every premium payment, and read by their family when they are gone.”  This monthly sacrifice for the cost of insurance is a measurable and highly visible way of showing others you care.

Those of us who create for a living are showing our love with all we do.  Every song, or article, or piece of woodcraft or artwork is a bit of our soul and a bunch of our time captured to make another better or happier.  That trading of a part of yourself for another’s happiness is a definition of love.

Giving of yourself to and for another is the essence of love.  An engineer does not go through a decade of education if they do not love understanding things and solving problems.  An attorney does what they do out of a love of logic, and reason, and rule of law.  A teacher and what they do needs no explanation.

Love is the highest expression of human emotion and capability, and work is a means to show our love.