Work Harder

“Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat.”  Ann Landers

The best line in the movie “The Hangover”: but did you die?!

If you didn’t die it’s not that big of a deal, and you probably learned something from it.

Did I love the couple of months of 90+ hour weeks building a business?  Actually yes, most of it.  Yes I got burnt out at the very end and needed some time off to rest and recharge, then charge hard again but I also learned I can outwork almost anyone.

Average Americans actually do productive work for less than three hours a day, less than five days a week.  We almost all have the capacity to do and ultimately be more.

I know no one that trained hard for years and earned a blackbelt that regrets it.

I know few people that played a varsity sport that say it wasn’t a good investment of time that made them better.

I know few people that have climbed a mountain and said the result was not worth the effort.

Do something hard and you’ll ultimately be better for it, and it probably won’t kill you.