Becoming a Joker

“Halloween is the only time people can become what they want without getting fired.”  -Sylvester Stallone

“Dress for the job you want they said.”  And so I’m sitting here in the HR Office dressed as The Joker on a random Tuesday.  As Jack Nicholson said to Batman: take off your mask.

How many people would show up to work WITHOUT their normal masks on any day other than Halloween, to be who they really are without the makeup to fit into the crowd?

Too many people have to shroud their religious or political beliefs to not get fired.

They hide their true nature and feelings and thoughts and talents to not be singled out by coworkers and managers.

It takes courage to not coverup and be yourself, especially in an image driven materialistic society where the mores have changed tremendously over the past two decades and a single misinterpreted statement or a line taken out of context can endanger your career.  Still be you.

The best version of you deserves to be on display, not the fake watered-down automaton that HR desires.  Yes, it will ruffle some feathers.  Yes, it will upset some people.  That is good, because diverse mindsets and experiences and attitudes lead to better perspectives and performance, and the true you is better for your organization, yourself and family, and society as a whole.

Take off your mask, let the world see your real face, and speak the truth that others are afraid to.  That is what The Joker would do.