Incomprehensible To You

“You can’t handle the truth.”  Col. Jessep in “A Few Good Men”

We want the light without the shadow that defines it.

We want the nice safe society but turn a blind eye to the violence required to build and protect it.

Inexpensive food but don’t mention the backbreaking labor involved.

Cheap goods, made in factories and sweatshops a world away so out of sight.

Electric vehicles, but no acknowledgement of the child labor to get the rare earth elements and the environmental damage their processing and shipping create.

We want to claim we are so enlightened but conveniently ignore things that don’t align with our egalitarian narrative.

Crusaders, ignoring the serfdom that supports them in their holy wars.

There is no peace without power and fear.

There is no creation without destruction.

Deep down we know we need those men on that wall.  Only some of us admit it.