Peace Through Power

“The meek will enjoy peace and prosperity”

(Psalm 37:10-11)

Peace and prosperity is what we all seek, as is codified at the start of The Declaration of Independence: endowed…with unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  Yet do not misinterpret the intent of this Old Testament verse, for it is NOT calling for blind submission or passivity.  It is rather the opposite, a call to strength and leadership.

The old Greek that we (through iterations of translation) misinterpret as “weak and humble” was more like the meekness of a Martial Arts Master, powerful yet gentle and unpretentious.  “Disciplined” is a closer interpretation to the ancient insight.  “Restrained” is another way to look at it.  Deadly yet controlled.  And this is how peace and prosperity are earned and protected.

There will always be wicked men, it has been that way since the dawn of civilization.  There will be people focused on taking all they can from others, there will be jealousy as there has been since the days of Cain and Able.  If Able comprehended that his brother could do him harm and kept his awareness up and defended himself, the story could have been different.

But we need to learn from history, whether it is Genesis or the atrocities of the 20th Century, today, or over the millennia.  From the Visigoths to the Vikings to the slaughter of children in Gaza, peace is protected by our capability to stop violence and dissuade it.  The capability to fight combined with a reluctance to do so is a hallmark of power and critical to the defense of civilization against the darker forces that would destroy prosperity out of jealousy.

Be prepared to defend what you love, and diligent in your watch.  This will allow others to live and pursue happiness and peace.