War and Peace

“We make war that we may live in peace.”  Aristotle

If someone wishes to do you harm, you must be prepared to defend yourself.

The skinny kid that secretly studies martial arts doesn’t want to fight the bully, but when the need arises he will punch the aggressor right in the nose to end the threat and have peace.

If a group is committed to destroying you and your way of life because it offends them even if it does not impact them, negotiation is nigh on useless and the only viable approach is to be ready to defend yourself and strike back hard enough to ensure they do not do so again for decades.

My mother told me not to go looking for a fight, but also taught us that if someone tried to harm our family they would not be able to do so again by the time we were done.

Do not pursue violence but rather be ready to defend those that you love, and if any seek them harm return it a hundredfold.