Bless the Rains

“Rain symbolizes darkness but also represents an essential part of rebirth.”  Sabrina Claudio

Unless you have plans to go to the ballgame or amusement park or other outside activity, rain is a good thing.

Yes, the sky is dark and appears gloomy, there is more of a chill in the air and then the heavens open up.  But the very act of rain has been cleansing since the dawn of mankind, washing off the dust and grime that has accumulated.

As children we all learned about the water cycle, with rain being the return of the liquid so that living things can use it and continue the circle of life.  We would pout about not being able to go outside.  But then the rain would stop and the rainbow would stretch across the sky and the puddles would beckon, asking to be splashed and jumped in.  The rejuvenation and watering of not just the earth but also individuals. 

To break that cycle, to only have sunny days, would dry out the earth and the people on it, baking us as hard as the ground in a drought.  There is a saying “into every life some rain must fall”, because it is in these periods that the precious essence of life is renewed and absorbed.

Darkness comes to all at some point.

Night contrasts and renews the day.

Struggle strengthens faith and enables growth for a person the same way periods of rain let plants grow.

Breaking the cycle of the weather or the highs and lows in life will leave a plain or person barren. When the rain comes, rejoice for the flowers that will bloom after.