Give Thanks

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”  William Arthur Ward

A simple, grateful “thank you” is often more than enough repayment for a good deed.

We all want to be appreciated.  If your assistant brings you a cup of coffee or resolves a big issue, a direct and heartfelt show of gratitude is worth more than a big check if you have taken care of the financials appropriately.  A Friday afternoon off and a giftcard so they can take their kids out after a stressful week might be the show of appreciation that they need.

Last night my oldest kid and I were stuck in a really weird parking situation.  They got out and guided me through something literally out of a game with a cm or less on each side of the vehicle, applying their problem solving skills and depending on great communication between us and patience to narrowly wend our way through.  When we were extricated and driving off I looked them right in the eye and said “Thank you.  I couldn’t have done that without you.”  The beaming look on the kid’s face at their accomplishment and the compliment was indescribable.

If you feel gratitude express it, because it will multiply.