By Actions, Not Words

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” John F. Kennedy

I know people who hide behind faith and flag to do things that are completely contrary to their public image.

I know people that claim to be “very married” while having a dozen dating apps and juggling multiple serial and parallel affairs, claiming “it’s not cheating I’m just supplementing what I’m not getting at home.”

I know people that give platitudes and “thoughts and prayers” and empty words.

Then there are the ones who quietly serve in soup kitchens and give to other causes to help those in need, seeking no attention in return.  Often they even ask for anonymity so no one knows what they do other then themselves and the ones who witness the good works.

When people have aided me in the past I thanked them but more importantly showed my thanks by putting that assistance into good use and trying to repay it multifold, whether to that person or to pass it along to others.  I was grateful for what they had done but instead of repaying with lip service I would focus on repaying with actual service, whether with my back or bank.

If you were mentored, pay it forward x2.

If you received scholarships, do that much economic good times five.

If someone helped you in a dark time of your life, show your gratitude by being there for them when they need as well as for others so the light spreads.

Words are weak, actions speak.  Speak love and gratefulness through what you do, not through what you say.