Broken But Better

“A rebirth out of spiritual adversity causes us to become new creatures.”

James E Faust

When you have lost everything, you need to recreate your world from the void.

When your very belief system is shattered, we reassemble and supplement the pieces of our soul in a mosaic that is less fragile and hopefully just as beautiful as that which was broken.  It is not the same for it never can be, and there are some bits that are lost but we get to arrange the remainders the way we determine, and hold the components together with something stronger than what came before.

When you are broken, you are not useless unless you decide to remain separated and disjointed and laying on the ground.

Pull yourself together. 

Remake yourself into the next version of yourself, the proverbial phoenix rising from its own ashes to fly again, brighter bolder and beautifully better.