Constant Changes

“There’s a rebirth that goes on with us continuously as human beings.” 

-Dustin Hoffman

You are not who you were yesterday.  You and I are constantly evolving, upgrading our knowledge via experiences and altering who we are as our bodies inevitably change.

Sometimes it is a sudden lightning bolt from the blue that radically changes us: the cancer diagnosis or injury, the company being acquired or the relationship ending.  More often than not though it is the continuous changes based upon previous ones, the slow carving of the river channel as opposed to the sudden flood changing the course of the water or our lives.

Unlike the river we can guide our lives, influence the path.  A small daily investment into knowledge or better choices in our diet or doing the more difficult things in a relationship that seemingly make no difference alter the course in imperceptibly small ways.  Weeks and months later the effects are barely noticeable, but over decades the difference is apparent to all as the new route leads to a different outcome.

Do you take the path of least resistance, or purposely carve out your path?