Recreate Your Life

“You create your life, and you can recreate it too.”  -Ken Robinson

In the past two decades we have seen massive economic upheaval with major portions of the populace being let go or retiring.  We will likely see such uncertainty continue for the next several decades. 

The pace of innovation will continue to accelerate as it has for the past century, disrupting industry after industry in a quickening series of economic shocks as breakthroughs in one area ripple into others, destabilizing even the most staid organizations.

Develop flexibility.

Become resilient.

Change is inevitable, and if you do not change you will not survive.

Never abandon your core beliefs, but upgrade your skills consistently.

Fear not new processes or tools in the workplace, because like typewriters and Blackberries there is always something better about to be introduced.

The greatest tool is inside you.  Your capacity to think, to relate to others, to tweak your self and constantly improve.  This was the key to the economy two decades ago and will continue to be for the next several. 

In a world of change, you either choose change or you choose challenge.  Choose wisely.