Focus on the Sowing

“You sow, you wait for good or bad weather, you harvest, but working is something you always need to do.”  Miguel Indurain

Some people do a bunch of outreach and then sit back and wait. 

Others just wait for the offer to come in or for someone to come and save them.

But on the farm we learned that after you sow the seeds and let time and nature do what they do, you shift your focus and take care of other things like taking care of the livestock or repairing the fences or building the windmill that will pump water and save time and effort later.

Just because you are waiting for a response from the government or an attorney or a coworker doesn’t mean it is time to slack off.  Instead it is time to keep moving ahead, so in those rare warm beautiful moments you can grab on a summer day or when the harvest is in, you can actually relax in a well earned break from your labors.

This is how you make it through the long winters at the end of the year.  Be the industrious ant not the lazy grasshopper that freezes and starves because he played when he should have been focused.