Sow the Best Seeds

“Always do your best.  What you plant now, you will harvest later.”  Og Mandino

Just because a client is clearly not ready for your services now is no reason to give them anything less than the white glove treatment, because when they are ready they will remember how you made them feel and either go to a competitor or be loyal to you forever.  All based on how you treated them when they had less than your generally acceptable client.  Do your best for them like you would for your better clients.

When you do a slip shod job on anything, it leaves an imprint.  Could be a flaw in the code that will take an excessive amount of time to correct down the road, could be a need to tear down the entire structure because of the weakness in the foundation.  Always look at what could grow out of what you are doing and plan for growth as well as for today’s needs, or else you will forever be behind the curve and playing catchup instead of separating yourself from the competition.

Have professional pride, because someone is watching.  Even if that someone is only the best version of you.