1% Better Every Day

“Getting 1 percent better every day counts for a lot in the long-run.” 

-James Clear

A little bit better every day in some way.  That is the whole premise of Human Kaizen.

Everyone has seen the 1% per day calculation at the end of a year (~37x better) but lets say each day you get 1% better at a different aspect of your life (work, physical health, emotional health, etc.) so that you improve in each area by 1% per month. 

A 12% annual return is essentially what the emerging markets have done on average over the past 35 years, and a $1k deposit would now be worth almost $53k.  US Large Stocks did about .8% a month instead of 1% and would have yielded only a bit under $25k.  No other external investment class is above 9%.

Yet you can get 12+% fairly simply without being a CFA or economist or assuming any of the volatility.

Invest in yourself as Warren Buffet says.  Richest man in the world at one point, whose investment firm is worth almost $800B, probably knows what he’s talking about here. 

So the numbers prove it.  Get a little bit better every day in some way and you will have a life rich beyond imagining.