A Fine Day to Learn

“Every day is a good day.  There is something to learn, care and celebrate.” 

-Amit Ray

Dexter from “Dexter’s Laboratory”: What a fine day for science!  A phrase he literally repeats every morning when getting out of bed.

Is every day as exciting as Christmas morning, with new books to open and new ideas to play with?

Do you find it difficult to sleep on Sunday night, not out of anxiety but because you are stoked for the adventure of the next day?

Can you approach every day as potentially the greatest day of your life?

Be like the puppy that wakes up and is excited and on the go, exploring and playing and learning in a ball of enthusiastic energy until they crash, exhausted. 

The toddler, all chaos and curiosity and exploration until they pass out, oblivious to everyone as they recharge for the next adventure.

Every day is a good day to improve, to grow.  To learn, and play, and enjoy the world around us.

It is a fine day for science and a good day to grow.