Broken But Beautiful

Continue to share your heart with people even if it has been broken.” 

-Amy Poehler

Fr. Mike Schmitz has a phrase he uses repeatedly “we live in a broken but beautiful world.”  This is an apt description of love.

You will have your heartbroken at some point.

You are going to get hurt.

You are going to be disappointed.

You may even be betrayed.

But it does not mean you are unworthy of love, nor that you do not have love to share with others.

In fact, those who have been broken understand the brokenness of others better.  We can exhibit more empathy because of our pain, and we understand how much others need love to help them heal and grow because we have been there ourselves.

Broken is not buried.  Broke is not bankrupt.  Broken, even shattered, is not destroyed.

You can give love and must, because it is through giving that we receive.  Give of your self and your love, especially when you think you can’t.