Extra-Ordinary Love

“Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary.” 

-Oscar Wilde

Ordinary comes from the Latin “ordo” meaning “order”, something in its place or more colloquially “common”.  Love should not be common or every day except that you don’t need a holiday made up by Hallmark to show your love that you love them, something that should be shown not just every day but in all you do.

Love should be extraordinary, beyond the normal.  It should be like a drug infusing your system and making you nearly delirious, seeing the world as more than it is.

Love should lighten your step and empower you to be better than you are.  For them.

Love should make you not need the mortal nourishment of food, only to hear their voice and see their smile to sustain you.

Seeing your love should set your heart a flutter and flood your system with serotonin and oxytocin and all the feel-good hormones that your body craves.

Love should not be quotidian, commonplace and boring.  It should be exciting even in the mundane of washing dishes together, the Zen like bliss of being in the moment.  That is the highest ideal of being in love, the exceptional in everything and the bliss in the basics.  This is love not basic but the higher order of caring.  Love extra-ordinary.