Brother or Beast?

“Either men will learn to live like brothers, or they will die like beasts.” 

-Max Lerner

Civilized people can use words instead of war.

Beasts attack the weak, hide behind children and the aged, and attack without warning because they cannot restrain their base behaviors.  They are unwilling to sacrifice a bit of their pleasure for a greater good and more pleasure in the future because of the feral nature and fear/hatred in their hearts.

Brothers don’t always agree.  We fight over the bathroom and the last slice of pizza.  But we live under the same roof, so we need to establish and live within the rules of peace because bloodshed is bad.  I would never kill my brother, but a beast that breaks into the house and tries to harm my brother will be put down for the good of all.

Live like brothers under one roof instead of as beasts in the field.