Brothers Together

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” 

-Martin Luther King Jr.

The one good thing that the Covid Pandemic did was for the first time in human history unify essentially everyone in adversity.  We were all reminded that we are a global family of siblings and cousins, interdependent while independent.

Setting aside the political aspects, having to pull together in a crisis creates bonds.  The Band of Brothers series gave civilians a glimpse at what unifies veterans, and those who have been in dire straights together and come through the other side of Hell are bound together by experiences that few others comprehend.  They do indeed remember that they are brothers and are each other’s keepers.

What if we could be reminded of this fraternity of man, our membership in the Great Family, in times of peace and tranquility instead of trauma?  What if we could tie our destinies together for all of our benefit without an existential threat forcing cooperation?

Choose to live together in harmony or else the discord between God’s children will deafen and ultimately destroy us all.