Crazy in Love

“There is always some madness in love.”  -Friedrich Nietzsche

“That’s nuts”.

“You’re crazy.”

“That’s insane.”

Whether it is Calvin eventually marrying Susie Derkins or your own relationship that started off rocky as kids (or in college), that little bit of craziness that attracts you to each other can grow into full blown madness.

And these become:

“Nuts over you.”

“Crazy in love.”

“Mad about you.”

Because love makes us ignore the normal rules, overcome our limitations, and exceed expectations for another.  To literally walk three miles to see them if your car breaks or fly across the country to surprise them for a special occasion, because they are so special to us.  To make them breakfast in bed or write a poem, or to forget to eat as you are doing things together and to ignore everyone around because you only have eyes for them.

Love is madness, and the most beautiful dementia there is.