Show Love

“Love is shown more in deeds than words.”  -Saint Ignatius

Words are weak, but actions speak.

Time is the most valuable asset we have, and those who give this irreplaceable asset to another are giving more than mere lip service.

Dr. Gary Chapman identified the Five Love Languages, and words can be one of them.  But various action-oriented languages (physical touch, quality time, acts of service) consistently outrank words because words can be mere lip service or lies whereas time together can not be faked nor can a foot massage after a long day.  In fact, across essentially every age range and gender, Quality Time is consistently the primary or secondary Love Language in the U.S. 

I get you are busy.  Our lives are hectic.  But your love deserves your time, to show that you love them instead of just saying that you do.

Carve out time for your crush or significant other, whether it is as simple as a few minutes after dinner with the kids or a sneak away date for a cupcake in the afternoon.  Allocate time for them.  They deserve it as do you.

Prove your love by putting down the phone and removing distractions so the two of you can be present with each other.  That time is the greatest gift you can give them.