Wild Beauty

“Love her but leave her wild.”  -Atticus

She is not a wild horse to be broken, but a fierce and free creature of nature to be appreciated for her untamed beauty.

Love is not to be domesticated, to be broken to the will but to be guided like the raging river and negotiated, to sometimes overswell its banks and must be respected while ridden.  It is powerful enough to cut through the countryside and turn the wheels that grind grain or power our homes and light our hearths.  Let it flow as Nature intended.

Love is not meant to be forced.  Love is meant to be unrestrained and attractive instead of being subjected or subjugated.  It must willingly give of itself, and be nurtured with the little kind acts that build the bonds.  Give them their freedom and they will visit and even stay if you appreciate their spirit and respect their need to run away yet return, for love that chooses to stay is strong in a way that cannot be restrained.