Chose Discomfort

“The more you seek the uncomfortable, the more you will become comfortable.”  -Conor McGregor

Only through adversity is there improvement.

Struggle is the mechanism to develop strength.

Convenience never creates excellence.

Those who can push their limits continuously expand them, opening new opportunities beyond the pale where others fear to tread.  We have seen this is sports, in science, and in art.  In all great human endeavors it is not those that took the easy path that are remembered, because easy street does not lead to an epic journey that they sing songs about generations later.

Current comfort is seductive, whether it is the warm bed on the cold morning that Marcus Aurelius battled or the contemporary couch after the long day instead of the treadmill or book.  It is easy to use the app on your phone to calculate a tip instead of using your brain to do so, but the extra effort creates a stronger brain that will be healthier as you age, the way that going to the gym to build muscles will prevent bone deterioration and give a longer and stronger life.  The discomfort of the current sacrifices buys an easier future.   If you choose easy short-term the long term will be uncomfortable, but if you opt for short term difficulties you will ultimately be more comfortable.