“All the world’s a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.” 

-Sean O’Casey

I see salespeople all the time who rely on feel and talent as opposed to knowledge of products, human psychology, and applying replicable processes to routinely succeed.  And they wonder why they always feel out of control and experience tremendous highs and lows because of the inconsistencies of their production.

I see people complain about their health because they don’t carve off time for physical activity nor plan their diets and shopping so they are buying highly processed fatty gutbombs at the last second instead of real food that helps them and is fuel for the machine.  Their poor planning leads to poor health.

My ex traveled almost every week for work.  Inevitably the night before a trip she was doing last second laundry and packing at 11pm for a 4:00 wakeup to get to the airport.  After the tenth time I made a comment about planning ahead.  100 more hectic last moment chaotic and disruptive night before the trip frantic packing episodes later she still had not learned.

Rehearsing things beforehand reduces errors.  Athletes pre-play the games or shots in their head and then can perform better in real life.  Actors practice and do dry run throughs before the real performance.  These two groups make a tremendous amount of money because they are willing to do the preparation that few others will.

Rehearse your lines so that you can deliver them on time.