Preventative Maintenance

When your gaslight comes on in your vehicle, you fairly quickly detour to get gas so that you don’t run out and are forced to sit on the side of the road, unable to continue your journey.

When the check engine light comes on, most reasonable people bring their vehicle in to get it checked out so that they don’t blow an engine or have another catastrophic event that costs tens of thousands of dollars and totally disrupts their life.  Or ends it.

Are your personal check engine lights on?

Are you getting run down at work and need a personal health day before you snap and give a coworker or boss whatfor and blow up your opportunity there?

Is your relationship getting strained because you are both always exhausted and overwhelmed by life, so you keep going even though the emotional fuel is getting down to danger level?

Do your skills need to be assessed and maybe updated, along with the LinkedIn profile and resume?

Preventative maintenance can be a pain.  It takes us away from more pressing things.  It costs money.  It costs time.  It can be uncomfortable and I’m not referring to how you feel after drinking dealership coffee for two hours in a non-airconditioned sweatbox with that dude that hasn’t bathed this month.

Do it anyway.  Being on crutches for a month or having a broken arm for the summer hurts worse.  As does a divorce or estrangement from your kids or cancelling your plans because of sitting on the side of the road.

Look at your warning lights and take the appropriate actions, but also regularly set aside time to check the pressure, both in your tires and in your life.