Value Vs Price

We all have a balance between price and value.

We can grab that small container at the convenience store because we need only a few diapers or pills  and we need them now, so we pay 3x the normal rate.

I can buy a cheap pair of shoes that will wear out in a year, or spend 2.5x and they will last five.  The cost per use is much lower for the second scenario and when given a choice I would opt for the later, but broke grad school me would opt for the former because of the short-term poor financial situation.   As I might if I were on the road and  grabbed a right and left from two different pairs of shoes in the dark (yes, I did that).

The value vs price calculus is individual and can vary situation to situation, but is something that we should reflect on.  The bigger container of candy may not be the better deal because it is inferior, or the higher price per unit is not obvious.  You need to decide the variables that you will weigh (how long will I use this device and how many features do I need, when will it be outmoded, compatibility with other things, etc.)  based on your current and longer-term positions.

 Do you value value or price?