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“Kaizen” comes from the Japanese for “Good Change”, and can be interpreted as “the attitude and action of continuous improvement”.  It was applied in manufacturing (Toyota, General Electric, John Deere), software (Facebook and Google), and design (Nike) to tremendous impact, but few of us directly see its impact.

But what if we applied the idea of continuous improvement to ourselves?  What if we applied the concept of getting just a little better every single day in some way to our daily lives in a convenient and cost effective manner?  If we improved by 1% a week, we would be two thirds better in a year.  In three years it is 360% better.  If you could more than triple your income and happiness in three years by investing a few minutes a day, would that be worth $21 a month?

The Human Kaizen Helper Daily Email will assist you to do so.  A daily email to help you be more aware of yourself, to make tiny and sustainable changes that improve your physical and mental health, communication skills, reduce stress, and positively impact all aspects of your life in a convenient and cost effective (with a 100% 90 day money back guarantee) way.  Micro-alterations on how you see the world, how you approach problems or stressful situations, to reduce anxiety and improve your attitude and outcomes.

Little things, small changes for tremendously better outcomes.

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