Greater Vision

“The moment you start fighting for something bigger than YOU, you’ll be introduced to a version of YOU that you’ve never seen before.” – Patrick Bet-David

When you are primarily in service to yourself you have a small and poor master.  But when you ally that service with something grander, you have resources and reserves and a mission much greater that expands you in ways that can’t be easily measured but are seen.

Your actions impact not just you but everyone with the same last name as you carry.  This is a glorious burden to uphold.

One of the proudest moments of my time as a parent came last summer, when my one son and I invested an entire day in backbreaking labor to help my father at the family homestead.  14 hours of digging and moving rocks and cutting roots and hauling that had to be done. As we were leaving I told my son I was proud of him and how he helped his grandfather.  He beamed and proclaimed “I worked like a Templin.”  My job as a parent is basically done.

Work for something bigger than you and you will have the strength of many generations.